When should you drink fruit juice?

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When should you drink fruit juice?

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A staple of the British breakfast table, 100% orange juice is a popular way to quench our thirst first thing in the morning and get some much-needed vitamins. But is there a particularly beneficial time of day to get your daily dose of fruit juice?

In the UK, we’re encouraged by the government’s 5 A Day campaign[1] to get a range of different vegetables and fruits of different colours into our daily diet. Making it easier for us to achieve that target, fresh, frozen, canned, and dried all count. What’s more, 150ml of 100% fruit juice can also help us to “eat the rainbow” every day.

We can get the day off to a flying start by including a few portions of fruit and veg with breakfast. But it's also important to keep fruit and veg front of mind when planning the rest of the day’s meals.

For a simple way to kick start your 5 A Day, team up a glass of 100% fruit juice with a spinach and mushroom omelette. This delivers three portions before you’ve even left the house! If that doesn't work, sip a glass of refreshing fruit juice with your evening meal to boost iron absorption[2].

Nutrients in a 150ml glass of 100% orange juice include[3]:

●      Vitamin C – supports the immune system, bones and teeth, brain and nervous system, and iron absorption

●      Potassium – supports the nervous system, muscles, and healthy blood pressure

●      Folate – supports healthy pregnancy, the immune system, making blood cells, and a healthy brain

●      Carotenoids – support the eyes and skin, and have antioxidant properties

●      Hesperidin – supports the bones, heart, and healthy cholesterol levels

●      Pectins – minimise blood sugar spikes after a meal, support healthy cholesterol levels, and help you feel full after a meal[4]

 A refreshing glass of 100% fruit juice can also be enjoyed outside of mealtimes. For days when we’re on the go, a small bottle of fruit juice provides a simple no-mess yet nutritious solution for flagging energy levels. What’s more, it’s far better for us than reaching for a bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets when we fancy something sweet.


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