5 tips for immunity support



5 tips for immunity support

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Your diet and lifestyle can have a big impact on how well your immune function responds to challenges.

Key nutrients include vitamins A, C and D, as well as zinc, iron and folate. You can get two of these – vitamin C and folate – in a daily glass of orange juice! Remember too that 100% fruit juice never contains added sugars.

As your gut provides a first line of defence against viruses and other pathogens, it’s important to eat lots of fibre-rich foods which feed your healthy gut bacteria.

Your lifestyle also affects immune function. Being overweight, having poor sleeping patterns, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, getting stressed and not taking any exercise can all put your immunity under pressure.

Why not try these 5 simple tips to give your natural immunity a helping hand?

1.       Drink a glass of 100% orange juice every day for a vitamin C boost

2.       Keep your friendly gut bacteria happy with plenty of high fibre wholegrain bread, fruit, vegetables and beans and pulses

3.       Ensure you get 8 hours of good quality sleep every night

4.       Set aside 30-60 minutes a day for physical activity, such as a walk, bike ride or gym class

5.       Manage stress by taking time to relax away from work and social media, or talk things over with a friend.