A daily glass of orange juice does not lead to obesity

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A daily glass of orange juice does not lead to obesity

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Worries about sugar have led people to limit sweet foods and drinks in an attempt to control their waistlines. However, according to a new meta-analysis study, this isn’t the case for 100% orange juice – which has no added sugars by law.

Scientists from an Iranian university searched the published literature for clinical trials on 100% orange juice. Fifteen studies were found which involved more than 600 adults in total. Half were asked to drink 1-3 daily glasses of orange juice for two to 12 weeks while the rest were in the control (placebo group).

 A meta-analysis (super study) of all the data combined revealed that drinking orange juice did not lead to weight gain. Interestingly, there were some positive effects and the authors concluded that: “the intake of [orange juice] might be associated with improved serum total cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. Due to low-to-moderate quality of meta-evidence, our results must be interpreted with caution and more well-designed studies are still needed to confirm the current findings”.

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