Fruit juice could help plug nutrient shortfalls, US study claims



Fruit juice could help plug nutrient shortfalls, US study claims

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A new study examining the role of beverages in the diet suggests 100% fruit juice could help nutrient-depleted populations to plug their dietary gaps.

In the study published in Advances in Nutrition, the authors discussed the role of beverages as a part of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They performed a database search for the latest observational studies, randomized controlled trials, and meta-analyses on beverages. They also considered the nutritional value of common beverages, including 100% fruit juice, along with nutrient shortfalls seen among the population.

As several age groups fail to meet recommended intake levels for a range of nutrients, the authors suggested that these shortfalls could be plugged by consuming well-chosen beverages, such as a glass of pure fruit juice. 

While drinks should not replace food, they can be important sources of nutrients and phytonutrients, phenolic acids and flavonoids (natural plant chemicals).

The authors concluded, “When considering the micronutrients from diet alone, mean intakes of calcium (in women), potassium, and vitamins A, C, and D are below recommendations and sodium intakes are well above. Careful beverage choices could close these gaps and be considered a part of a healthy dietary pattern.”


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