Review highlights the beneficial effects of apple juice on health

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Review highlights the beneficial effects of apple juice on health

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Numerous studies have reported on the beneficial effects of apples for health, but few have focussed on apple juice. Now a brand-new review of human intervention trials, published in Nutrients, has looked at how drinking juice may be a convenient way to take advantage of the health benefits from nutrients in apples.

Researchers examined the results from 20 human intervention trials looking at cardiovascular health and associated risk factors, such as inflammation and oxidative stress. They found that apple juice led to a beneficial response for several markers; oxidative stress being a particularly well researched area.

According to the authors, certain components in apple juice such a vitamin C, fibres like pectin, and phytonutrients are probably responsible for the benefits seen in these studies. The beneficial effects were more apparent with cloudy apple juice than clear apple juice, potentially because more bioactive compounds remain when producing cloudy apple juice.

The authors conclude that: “studies overall suggest that apple juice consumption has positive effects on markers related to cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, and probably others.” They suggest that drinking apple juice in moderation can provide a convenient way to increase consumption of fruit and improve overall diet quality.


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