A single glass of orange juice could help prevent hyperglycaemia

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A single glass of orange juice could help prevent hyperglycaemia

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Hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar) is commonly seen when people eat a high fat, high carbohydrate meal. A new clinical study from Brazil has found that drinking a glass of 100% orange juice with a meal could be a simple way to lessen this effect.

Writing in the journal Clinical nutrition ESPEN, researchers conducted a cross-over trial with 12 healthy adults. Each participant consumed a high fat and high carbohydrate meal - consisting of a croissant with butter and cheese and a chocolate wafer - with either 500ml water, 100% orange juice or an isocaloric glucose drink.

Following the meal with orange juice, researchers found better glycaemic control (blood glucose and insulin levels), when compared with the glucose drink. They also examined microRNA (gene) expression linked w glucose homeostasis, to determine possible mechanisms.

According to the authors: “Our study demonstrated that a single [high fat and high carbohydrate] meal… with orange juice intake could modulate plasma miR-375 expression that has a possible positive role in glucose metabolism.” They continued: “These effects could be explained by polyphenols and fibers present in orange juice composition” and recommended more studies to determine a possible molecular mechanism for this process.


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